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A healthy diet plan is one that includes a variety of foods that provide you sufficient nutrition and energy that fulfills the daily requirements of your body. If you seem to miss out on some critical components that constitute an overall complete diet, you are definitely putting yourself at risk of developing a lack of nutrition to your body as well as a risk of catching various diseases. If you truly want your healthy diet to do what it is supposed to, i.e. make you healthy and keep your body fit, then it goes without saying you should have the foods that energize your system and give it the required amount of nutrition and energy required to function. Simply put, if the thought of eating healthy makes you afraid, then we advise you to have a look at the 4 types of food that must be in your healthy diet.

1. Fresh Fruits

We are not just talking about apples or bananas here. The idea is that all fresh fruits indeed make exceptional choices for nutrition in a healthy diet. However, the trick is to have some of those “exotic” fruits included in your meals, such as a mango or juicy pineapple. If you ask us, the kiwi fruit is one of our serious favorites! But it’s all down to the fruits that you consider your favorite. Do remember that if none of your favorite fresh fruits are in season, then you can do with frozen, canned, or dried varieties of fresh fruits. Of course, you should keep in mind that canned fruits could possibly contain added syrups or sugars – and that’s a serious no-no for your healthy diet! Also, make sure you choose a canned variety of fruit that is packed in its own juice or water.

2. Fresh Vegetables

With vegetables, you can always try something new. The choices are so vast and healthy that with each and every passing day, you can possibly experiment by trying out newer vegetables along with your diet. It really is that exciting when it comes to vegetables! You may believe that you love steamed vegetables or grilled vegetables, but we’re certain you’ll fall in love with them even harder if you try them out with a herb you haven’t ever given a shot. How about rosemary? Vegetables can be sauté (panfry) in a non-stick pan. Of course, you are allowed to put in a small amount of cooking spray in there. On the contrary, you can also give canned veggies a shot. Do make sure you pick the ones that don’t have added butter, cream sauces, or salt.

3. Foods Rich in Calcium

Whenever someone brings up calcium to the discussion, the first thing that springs to your mind is milk. Of course, why else would you think of it when milk is one of the best sources of calcium around? However, when we talk of calcium in a healthy diet, we are not just limiting the equation to low-fat or fat-free variations of milk. Have you seem to forgotten that yogurts are also available in fat-free and low-fat variations? They come without the unnecessary addition of added sugars, which is why they also make up for a great choice as far as foods rich in calcium are concerned. So pick your favorite flavors of fat-free and low-fat yogurts; they’ll definitely make for great dessert substitutes and satisfy your sweet tooth!

4. Healthier Variations of Your Personal Favorites

This one is the best. Do you have a personal favorite that you simply can’t resist? Maybe you’re a fried fish lover or simply can’t live without breaded chicken. Well, what we advise you to do is pick your personal favorite foods, and put a spin on them with healthier variations! Yes, it actually is possible when you think of it. You can simply have them with their grilled or baked variations. Even trying a recipe that makes use of dry beans instead of higher-fat meats is also recommended. With this one, you can go crazy as the possibilities are truly limitless. You can look up your favorite food magazines or simply search the Internet for recipes that provide fewer calories. Who knows, you might even find that you’ve fallen in love with a new favorite dish! All you have to do is play it smart while making sure you effectively remove all bad health choices for foods away from your diet. Who said going on a healthy diet is boring? With the above mentioned foods, your diet is likely to be the best thing that ever happened to you – especially when you’ll start seeing the amazing nutritional benefits and energetic results it will bring you! Have fun eating healthy!

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