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5 Reasons You Should Be Sleeping Naked (For Real!)

In our book, ‘Finally Feeling Sexy, Happy & Healthy – A Handbook of 23 Natural Solutions to Supporting Your Healthy Hormones’ we talk about how important it is to get a great night sleep. Sleep is a top priority if you want to experience a long and healthy life – so important that the body will choose sleep over sex! That says a lot considering sex is the only way we keep the species going.

There has been a lot of buzz over the years about how important sleep when it comes to great health. Without enough sleep, our bodies just can't take it and they begin to break down. For the vast majority of people, getting any less than seven or eight hours of sleep has been linked to a whole list of major and serious health issues. This fact is even more startling if your lack of sleep is spread out over long periods of time.

There was a study back in 2010 that was published in the Annals of Epidemiology showing that there is increased risk of both heart disease and type-2 diabetes when people regularly get less than six hours of sleep at night. This became apparent after 6 years worth of data from almost 1500 participants between the ages of 35 and 79.

“Short sleep duration was associated with an elevated risk of IFG [incident-impaired fasting glucose],” concluded the study authors. Elevated blood sugars lead to not just heart disease and diabetes, but it also leads to weight gain, which of course comes with its own risk of developing serious health conditions. 

We’ve looked into all kinds of ways to encourage better sleep. In our book ‘Secrets to Sleeping Soundly 28 Natural Solution for Getting Your Best Rest Ever,’  we outline a whole series of things that can assist in finally getting some amazing sleep. Eating right, getting some exercise and keeping the computer out of the bedroom are among them. Guess what else can help rock those zzz’s? Sleeping naked! We’re not kidding – sleeping in the nude can hep take your sleep game to the next level.

Here are five reasons dawning your birthday suit for the sheet party should be seriously considered.



#1 – You'll encourage greater intimacy

One of the most obvious reasons sleeping naked benefits your life is that it can hep to amplify the excitement and the intimacy between you and your partner. This excitement, even if it just stays as excitement, releases a chemical hormone called oxytocin. This little love hormone is responsible for all kinds of healthy responses in the body.

“Oxytocin can induce anti-stress-like effects such as reduction of blood pressure and cortisol levels. It increases pain thresholds, exerts an anxiolytic-like effect and stimulates various types of positive social interaction. In addition, it promotes growth and healing.” This is a statement that comes from a 2009 study published by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. So releasing oxytocin is beneficial to all kinds of health-promoting experiences!

Not to mention that intimacy can certainly play a role in playing yourself out and feeling like it's time for a nice long rest. 


#2 It helps you stay cool

Nobody likes tossing and turning because it gets too hot during the night. The science behind this is simple. Your core body temperature needs to be relatively cool in order to sleep well. If the room is somewhere between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit then it's likely you’ll be in the sweet spot for a good night rest. 

There’s also certainly one great way to cool down and save on those crazy air conditioning bills – kick off the socks! All you need at that point is a thin sheet or maybe a light blanket and you’re off to dreamland!



#3 You may help to alleviate insomnia 

There is a growing body of research that indicates some relief to sufferers of insomnia by regulating sleep temperature. Dr. Cameron Van den Heuvel was involved in a 2009 study by the Univerisity of South Australia’s Centre for Sleep Research and he concludes, 

“Temperature regulation is a significant factor in each of the two types of insomnia. The difference is when the insomnia occurs. People with sleep onset insomnia have difficulty initiating sleep at the beginning of the night, taking two to four hours each night in the worst cases; while people with sleep maintenance insomnia fall asleep easily but have trouble staying asleep, waking up multiple times during the night… In both types of insomnia, sleep is not restful and sufferers are tired during the day.” 

He then goes on to add, 

“Studies of sleep onset insomniacs show that they consistently have a warmer core body temperature immediately before initiating sleep when compared with normal healthy adults. This results in a state of heightened arousal that prevents them from falling asleep when they go to bed, probably because they have to wait for their bodies to lose the heat that’s keeping them awake. We’re only talking about a half to one degree but that small temperature change can result in significant differences in arousal between insomniacs and people without sleeping problems.”

Sounds like if you have any issues with insomnia it could be a good idea to get rid of that duvet and ditch the pj’s to help regulate your temperature and get a better night’s rest.



#4 Might be a great stress reliever

Because sleeping naked can help boost those love hormones like we mentioned above, it’s also helping to lower your stress hormone levels at the same time. Cortisol, commonly referred to as the stress hormone, plays a major role in some serious health problems when it becomes unbalanced. These conditions can be as serious as weight gain and a compromised immune system due to increased stress.

Cortisol levels are naturally lower during the night while you’re sleeping and then they slowly rise again to get you ready for another day. The problem arises when sleep is cut too short and the cortisol levels don't have a chance to lower again before you wake up. 

As mentioned above, one way to help make sure you don't wake too often or too early is to keep your body at an optimum temperature – thus sleeping naked.


#5 You can keep yourself looking and feeling younger

A variety of sleep hormones, like the anti-aging sleep-promoting melatonin, are released during sleeping hours. These are the types of hormones that can help serve to keep us looking and feeling young. Getting those seven to eight hours of sleep is the best way to encourage these growth hormones and leads the way for a great night’s rest.

As we have been mentioning, sleeping naked definitely won't hurt the situation at all – it can clearly help quite a bit! Additionally, sleeping naked gives your skin a chance to breathe more making you less susceptible to skin breakouts. Women can also benefit by possibly lowering the chances of yeast infection as the vagina is kept cool and dry. 

There’s also the bonus of less laundry to do! Keep those pj’s in the drawer! 

So, even though it may sound a bit strange, try ditching the pj’s for a bit and see if you get a better sleep. You might just be surprised at the results!!

Here's to your highest health and your best self.



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