Longevity Living | Who We Are and Why We Are Here

Who We Are and Why We Are Here

Mission: Healthy Living and Getting Better with Age

Welcome to Longevity Living, a community of people passionate about being healthy for life, however long that is. We have created this resource to educate and empower you to live your best life in excellent health every moment of the day.

We believe the choices you make shape every aspect of your being (body, mind and spirit) and your environment. Every decision helps or hurts you. We're here to help you help yourself to gain the health you're seeking.

Our mission is our passion, and seeing people's lives change for the better is our mission. We offer you our insights into healing and optimizing wellness and human performance.

Our Core Values:

1) Nature is the best teacher.

2) Love is the most powerful medicine.

3) The body is a self-healing organism.

4) The simplest explanation is usually the right one

Letter From The Creative Director


It's a pleasure to meet you! My name is Eddie Kays, and I’m the Creative Director here at Longevity Living.

For nearly 20 years I have been focused on getting in touch with the inherent beauty, power and grace that is found just beyond the facade that many of us have been trained to believe about our world.

My story has been full of rocky challenges and seemingly impossible situations that have brought me from being a lost and broken adolescent, to the little bit less lost and mostly connected man I've become today.

With so many systems in place to distract us from our true nature, the first major challenge on my path was becoming clear about who I am and what my mission is here in this mysterious and wondrous world.

This has been an ongoing process of revelation and self-discovery and, like a fine wine, it gets better with time. At first, I didn't even know I was in an automatic loop of conditionally programmed responses and emotional baggage that wasn't even my own. The world carries a certain 'auto-correct' feature that, for better or worse, draws us into the societal pressures of the day.

To this day I am still challenged by our ever-changing socio-cultural norms. Yet, in the light of my challenges, I've found a peaceful understanding that we are all on a journey through the inner working of the 'great divine.'

Deciding to live in service to ourselves and the living Earth, with all Her manifold creatures and wondrous mysteries, through love, peace, wisdom, power and joyful expression is the most profound shift we can ever make.

The next challenge I faced was figuring out what to do with the newfound discoveries that began pouring into my world. After years of the many joys and tears of life, I have come to the experiential realization that we are all very powerful creators, quite possibly infinite in scope, who can accomplish anything we dedicate our hearts, minds and spirits toward manifesting.

The subtle beauty of our world reveals itself to those who choose to break free from the confines of the many social distortions we are conditioned to believe and live through. It's through this liberation that we can then choose to realign with the infinite playground of the body, mind, spirit and universe.

It's our choice.

That's what freedom is.

True longevity lives in the space between liberation and heart-centered service.

It's now simply a daily focus on balancing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and even cosmic aspects of my being and I am here to share my journey with you. Through Longevity Living and our partners, I am dedicated to helping assist you along your journey as well.

Many blessings to you and your unique journey. May our stories create a beautiful harmony together.

May you live the life of your dreams.

Here's to staying connected to Nature's nurture.

In the spirit of your highest health and your best self.

All the best



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