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With a growing concern over the use of plastics in our modern convenience driven world, more and more people are choosing to ask for glass. However, when purchasing glass items did you know the color of the bottle has a lot to do with the quality of what's inside.

Understanding that the sunlight that enables our food to grow also accelerates the decaying process after it has been harvested and bottled, makes us aware to choose a darker bottle over clear glass, a better choice for conserving the bio-energy of any living food or liquid.

Beyond dark glass there is even something better, and that is violet glass, its a breakthrough in natural preservation, the glass filters and blocks damaging light waves while enhancing beneficial ones. This extraordinary protective qualities of violet glass were recognized as far back as the ancient Egyptian times and throughout the middles ages by alchemists, specimens can be seen throughout the museums of Europe.  Prized treasures and substances were stored in violet and gold and stood the test of time.

From this violet glass theory, Swiss scientist Yves Kraushaar developed Miron Vitality Glass from his years of research which is what is being used today.

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So what exactly is it about this violet miron glass that makes it so special?

Well, it contains a combination of three frequencies that permanently activates and energizes the molecular structure of any substance. It’s like a “violet light radiation” explaining it’s super ability to preserve its bio-energy and prevent deterioration and degradation.

This trio of frequencies consists of visible violet light, far infrared and ultraviolet A (UVa). The human eye can see the rainbow spectrum, with violet on one end and red at the other end.

Beyond this spectrum and invisible to the human eye, is ultraviolet A (UVa), which is used in commercial food production to slow down the growth of molds, bacteria and pathogens.

Lastly, and also invisible to the human eye is far-infrared light, its function is to sustain the molecular viability and structure of organic substances.

How Violet Glass Can Preserve Your Food

Studies were conducted by Dr. Hugo Niggli using biophotonics, studying how light affects food production. When he used the narrow violet spectrum, he found astonishing results.

One of his now famous studies was the case of the seven month old cherry tomatoes.  He stored one cherry tomato in violet glass that stayed completely intact and had not dried out while the other one stored in the regular clear glass was a microbial fungus mess after the seven months.

This extraordinary research and facts about violet glass will make you think twice about storing your high quality food item and perishable products in anything other than violet miron glass, especially volatile substances like oils, tonics and tinctures. There are many people consuming rancid oils without even knowing it, a topic for another article.

Here’s one company that goes the extra mile with miron violet glass for their organically sourced five star seeds oils.




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