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Cilantro, I love you!

Basil, please don’t be jealous, I’ll sing your praises another day, but today Cilantro, aka Coriander you are in the spotlight.

And this is because the seed has an ability unlike just about anything else out there to bind and pull mercury and other toxic heavy metals from the brain, intercellular spaces and the nucleuses of cells. Mercury poisoning is one of the most serious risks to our health.

Our external and internal environments are under severe mercury stress.  The body manages it by locking it away in tissues.  The body does not try and metabolize mercury and other heavy metals because that could spell death. .  Locked up in the body, mercury manages to wreak havoc on our most intimate cellular processes.  In the brain, mercury erodes entire networks of neurons by stealing receptor sites.  The myelin sheath, which is a like a warm and fuzzy cashmere sweater for your delicate neurons gets eroded by the mercury, and entire neural networks are destroyed as the mercury effects a chain reaction of destruction.  The University of Calgary did a great video showing exactly what happens to your brain on mercury, you can see it HERE.

If you’ve gotten your mercury amalgam fillings replaced that’s great, but we still need to get that mercury out of the brain.

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, a fellow with the Heart Research Foundation in New York discovered Coriander is a unique and easy way to remove mercury, lead, and aluminum.

His team and him were having a hard time treating infections with antibiotics and antiviral compounds, seeing them go away with administration of the pharmaceuticals only to have them recur again some time later.  Pressing further for an answer, he discovered that deposits of mercury, cadmium, aluminum, and lead were keeping the infection alive and inactivating the antibiotics and antiviral meds.  

Testing a patient’s urine one day he discovered that levels of mercury in the urine increased significantly after eating a meal with cilantro.  Eventually Dr. Omura succeeded with a protocol for healing chronic infection by using coriander to remove the heavy metals and then natural antivirals such as EPA and DHA for permanent healing.

Dr. Omura was radical, he shed light on a lot of truth.  In another study he observed the removal of three amalgam from an individual using all the precautions available to prevent the absorption of mercury from the amalgam.  Even with strong suctioning of air and water, a rubber dental dam, significant amounts of mercury were later found in the patient’s lungs, kidneys, endocrine organs, liver, and heart. There had been no mercury in these tissues prior to the amalgam removal!

Using only coriander, Dr. Omura was able to clear the mercury deposits in three weeks!

The best way I found to remove mercury is to use lots of fresh cilantro and coriander oil in your food.  This will help to liberate mercury from the tissues.  The only quality organic coriander oil I have found that is undiluted and 100% oil of cilantro seed is this one. For me, a good bentonite clay taken at one teaspoon mixed with water three times a day during the mercury removal protocol is sufficient to keep any metals from being reabsorbed in the colon.  I also add broken cell wall chlorella to my salad as part of this heavy metal detox regimen for added benefit.

Mercury Detox Salad Dressing Recipe 

Serves 4-5

4 ounce Flax oil, Hemp, or EFA rich oil blend like 5 Seed Oil

1 ounce Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Teaspoon Coriander oil

2 Teaspoons Celtic Sea Salt

Half a lemon - squeezed

1 Teaspoon Chlorella Powder

1 Teaspoon Black Pepper

Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

Mix these well and use as a dressing for your salad or on your rice or other dishes.

Mexican food uses lots of cilantro, so it would be a good idea to make cilantro rich salsas with selenium rich blue corn chips as part of your detox diet.

Another easy way to add coriander oil into your diet is to add a half teaspoon to your green drink or smoothie.

Topical Use Of Coriander Oil For Heavy Metal Mobilization

Wrists and ankles are dense with nerve fibers and when you rub coriander directly in for five minutes, it is absorbed and crosses to the main lymphatic channels where it proceeds to do its magic as a scavenger of heavy metals.  

Heavy metal detox should be done slowly so a healing crisis does not occur.   I dedicated two years to remediate my own mercury toxicity.  If you are averse to cilantro or coriander, for example some people can’t stomach it at all;  that is almost a sure sign that you are heavy metal poisoned.  You’ll need to add cilantro to your diet slowly, and topical application would be the preferred way to go.  Signs of reabsorbing heavy metals during a purge include headaches, nervousness, flu-like symptoms, or fever.

5 Other Supplements That Help Remove Toxic Metals

  1. Taurine and methionine.  These are sulphur-containing amino acids. They decrease oxidative stress resulting from heavy metal exposure.  Sulfur rich foods like Garlic are a good bet.
  1. Fulvic Acid. Anyone trying to get heavy metals out of their body should get themselves familiar with this miracle of nature. Fulvic acid compounds are able to bind heavy metals and transport them out of the cell.  I wrote an article about it HERE.
  1. N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC).  This is an orally taken precursor of cysteine, a known chelator of heavy metals and also known to stimulate glutathione production, particularly in the presence of Vitamins C and E.
  1. Apple Pectin. Pectin is found in many fruits with properties that are excellent for making jellies. Pectin also has the added benefit of being able to pull heavy metals out of the blood.  The rinds of many fruits have pectin; these include banana, apples, and grapes. Applesauce is a great source of pectin.
  1. Selenium.  Selenium depletion in the face of mercury exposures also depletes seleno-enzymes. In humans, organic selenium supplementation was beneficial in a controlled trial among 103 mercury-exposed patients.

Author: Vic Love, www.Fb.com/Vityalove


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