Longevity Living | Mythbuster: Exercise Actually Improves Energy – 8 Workouts That Prove Why

Who said working out is tiring? We’re here to bring you 8 workouts that will prove exercise is well capable of improving your body’s energy levels! That’s right; any myths you’ve heard about exercise being an energy drainer are all about to be busted! The following are zero-equipment, absolutely sneaker-free exercises, all of which are guaranteed to provide you a boost in energy along with tone that you have likely craved for what seems to be an eternity. In these workouts, you’ll simply be targeting the major muscle groups of your body, from each plane of motion, all the while scorching away some much needed calories during the process. So let’s get straight to these super-moves!

1. Pick Up Sticks

Areas Targeted: Abs, butt, hips, and quads All you need is a mat to get this one done. Stand with your feet hip width apart along with your arms by sides. Go forth by lunging with your right leg, and bend your right knee about 90 degrees. Your left leg should extend behind you, with your right hand reaching to the ground beside your right foot. Once you get this done, return to the starting position and switch sides. Doing so will complete 1 rep. You’re supposed to do 10 reps, i.e. half a rep per leg.

2. Air Guitar

Areas Targeted: Butt, inner and outer thighs For this one, you also need to stand in a similar position as the one above, except that your feet should be wider than shoulder width apart. What you’re supposed to do here is shift your weight all onto your right leg, bending the right knee to an angle of about 90 degrees. Due to this, you will lower into a deep lunge with your left leg completely straight. Now you’re supposed to bend right elbow back with your left elbow bending forward. Try it!

3. Charlie's Angel

Areas Targeted: Butt and outer thighs The stance for this requires you having elbows bent so that your hands remain in front of your chest, with both palms being pressed together as if you’re praying. You are supposed to be standing with your feet hip width apart. Now, making sure your shoulders stay square, you should lunge forward diagonally with your right leg, which is supposed to form a cross with the outside of your left leg. Both knees are supposed to bend at an angle of 90 degrees.

4. Tuck and Extend

Areas Targeted: Abs, lower back, butt, and hamstrings Stand with your feet being hip width apart, along with your elbows bending by sides. Your hands are supposed to be in front of your chest, and your palms should face each other. Now, bring your left knee up to your hip height, while making sure it’s bent. Your foot should be flexed and bending forward at the waist so that it gets into a tucking position.

5. Tadpole to Frog

Areas Targeted: Shoulders, triceps, abs, butt, quads, and calves Start with a full push up position and balance yourself on hands and toes. Keep your arms extended, with your body forming a straight line. Now keep your arms tucked close by your sides, bend your elbows directly behind so that your chest is lowered to the ground.

6. Thread the Needle

Areas Targeted: Shoulders, abs, obliques, lower back, and butt This one also starts from a full push up position such as the one above, but in here, you’re supposed to lift right hand off the ground and reach your arm under the torso as far to your left as possible. You’re also supposed to turn your head to look at your fingertips.

7. Rock the Boat

Areas Targeted: Abs Sit on the mat with your knees bent, arms by your sides, and feet flat. Lean your torso behind by 45 degrees, raise your arms overhead, and lift your feet off the mat to extend your legs together at an angle of 45 degree. This will be your boat pose.

8. Cross the River

Areas Targeted: Abs, obliques, butt, and hips Stand with your feet hip width apart in this one, and keep your elbows bent by your sides with the hands in front of your chest. You’re supposed to leap over to the left, pump arms (left elbow going back, right elbow going forward, and land on the left leg with your knees bent slightly. The right leg should be bent while slightly crossing to the left one behind you. This will look like a skater’s pose. So there you have it! Make sure you give all of these a try; we are completely certain you will be surprised to see how energized these exercises leave your body!

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