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People have traveled far and wide to capture the scents of flowers, trees, earth, rain and mist. Finding an alluring scent to anoint the skin, freshen the home or entice a mate has been a popular goal across cultures throughout human history. Along the way, the modern perfume industry (one of the least regulated industries in North America) began synthesizing scent compounds, forever changing the aroma experience. Unfortunately, many of the chemicals involved in this process can cause sensitivities, allergies, organ system toxicity, hormone disruption and even cancer.

Wildflowers in Mountain Meadow


If you want to smell like a freshly cut flower or a mountain meadow without the health risks, you need to choose pure, organic scents. In addition to the pleasure of deliciously scented oils, the aromatherapeutic benefits can be great too. The beautiful people at Living Libations cultivate luxurious essential oils using organic and wild botanicals from far-flung locales like the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria and the fir forests of Canada. Learn more about their process and products. Indulge in clean, fresh aromatic products for body and home.


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