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Have you hopped on the cleansing train? Now it may be time to pick up speed and go fast.

Fasting on liquids or nothing at all may be the best cleanse there is, and it’s a lot safer and easier than people think.

From Moses to Hippocrates to Jimmy Kimmel, fasting is making a comeback.

Nutritional dogma is challenged with clear evidence of the paramount health benefits of fasting and the surmounting evidence of its contribution to longevity. The latest research sheds new light on calorie restriction, discipline and over eating, and how this hot topic is not welcomed by big pharma and the medical community that endorse eating three meals a day and drugs for conditions the body can heal itself. In the ancient yogic texts it clearly states, a yogi eats once a day, a healthy normal person eats twice a day, a sick person eats three meals a day, and a crazy person eats all day.

In the Ukraine, a doctor discovered a way to remediate radiation from Chernobyl victims with strict dry fasting, where one goes without food or water for 3-9 days.

People are also concerned with having less and less growth hormone as they age, but a few days of fasting has been shown to restore that, and make you feel young and strong.

Discover the latest research on fasting in this excellent piece from the New York Times.

Author: Vic Love, www.Fb.com/Vityalove

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