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According to the Mayo Clinic, 7 out of 10 North Americans has taken some form of prescription pharmaceutical in the past twelve months, most likely an antibiotic or an antidepressant, perhaps a high blood pressure medication or something for blood sugar, pain medication or to lower cholesterol.  

I wonder why is that with all the healthy food and lifestyle choices available, so many people are suffering from symptoms that are directly related to diet?  It is because most people may not see it.

If I want reassurance that people are completely ignorant of the consequences of their dietary choices, I just go to the local supermarket and watch what people put in their shopping cart.  

One should pay particular attention to the checkout aisle. Notice how the candy treats section has shelves and hangers all the way down to the floor? This just tempts a child barely old enough to walk to reach and grab a processed candy and throw a tantrum if they are not allowed to have it.  If you allow your child to have this even one time, the addictive nature of the sugars and other compounds in these products will keep your child craving for more. Comparatively you have to be at least 5 or 6 years old to be tall enough to reach an apple or an orange.  

Most of the reason people are on so many drugs is because at some point improper dietary choices were made and an acute condition developed of which no knowledge existed as to how treat naturally.  Most of these poor nutritional choices are passed down by our parents.  Nevertheless, it is not too late to educate yourself on preventative health and diet for the sake of your children.

Did you know that according the to Weston A. Price Foundation, when they studied the jaw and tooth structures of aboriginal peoples, they discovered that they did not have any crowding or cavities, and that only after the introduction of processed sugars did they begin to get cavities as well.  Their research discovered that tooth crowding is directly related to overconsumption of disaccharide sugars in childhood. Cavities are caused by these as well.  Native people that lived off the land and had no knowledge of processed sugars, they had perfect teeth unlike civilized people today who have created an industry for dentists.

So if some doctor has diagnosed your child as having A.D.D. or Hyperactivity Disorder, just eliminate all sugary sweets and beverages, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they will stop bouncing off the walls.

Also, if you are an expecting mother, consider that breastfeeding is your best option.  Formula does not have the proper calcium to phosphate ratio of 5:2, nor does it contain the immune building Lauric Acid, DHA and other fats which is found in breast milk.  DHA is one fatty acid deficient in the western diet.


In the case of expecting mothers, make sure you eat lots of organic leafy greens and coconut and flax oils, and iodine rich seaweeds and phytoplankton. I use Activation flax oil and phytoplankton. I tested all of them, and these are my faves. Stay away from grains, especially non-organic ones as they will most likely contain Glyphosate residue, now being investigated by the FDA as a major endocrine disruptor.  You can read more about that here.

Did you know you can even get breast milk test to see how healthy it is? Lab testing options are coming soon.

Be smart, get nourished and then you can properly nourish your baby.

Feed your child organic, farm fresh, nutrient dense, unpackaged food.  Create healthy habits that will carry them their whole lives vs. foods that will spike their blood sugar, make them insulin dependent, create chronic inflammation, weaken the immune system, destroy the lining of the gut, create kidney and gall bladder stones and exterminate the beneficial microbes which can lead to a miserable life of modern medical and pharmaceutical drugs.

Your child is the most precious human in your life, why would bring them into a world that is full of toxins and poisons and not give them the knowledge of how to avoid these things?  Be conscious, because you can only hope those youth you empower will one day be feeding you.

Check out my Top 3 Sea Minerals for optimum heath!



Quinton™ Marine Plasma is nutrient-rich marine fluid that is harvested from the depths of an oceanic plankton bloom.

There are two types of Quinton:

Quinton Isotonic™ is diluted to an isotonic concentration to conform to the human extracellular matrix (bioterrain). Quinton Isotonic™ is excellent for long term use and is easily absorbed into the body when taken orally.

Hypertonic is pure seawater harvested from protected plankton blooms following the protocols of Rene Quinton.

Hypertonic is a good way to start your protocol if you are generally healthily. Many Hypertonic users report positive results switching to Isotonic after several months and back to Hypertonic occasionally to regulate their system. After trying both, many just “know” which one they need when.

Ocean’s Alive

 This incredible super nutrient is both the most fundamental and crucial strain of marine phytoplankton on the planet, and it stands tall as a giant even among giants within the superfood category.

Nannochloropsis Gaditana is probably the smallest food known to man, it is smaller than a red blood cell, but this micro-algae contains around 65 vitamins and minerals including trace minerals such as selenium and chromium which is key to fighting and preventing diseases.

Like Chlorella and Spirulina, it is pure sunlight, it is first line in the food chain and you can imagine how pure the energy it gives our body at the cellular level.

Celtic Sea Salt

 To put an end to the “What is the best salt argument once and for all”, here’s a simple reason why traditionally salt pond harvested salt a.k.a. celtic sea salt is the best salt for human consumption. The salt is still wet. Under a microscope, you see the water trapped in the salt crystal. Water soluble minerals like iodine and magnesium are utilized by the body far better when they are in this dissolved state; so make sure your salt is fresh harvested and the brine drained from it as the crystals form that have the essential mineral nutrient locked in.  

I like Celtic Sea salt brand, they have different grades of traditionally harvested sea salt with their top of the line being Sel De Mer, which is an incredible finishing salt.  

Author: Vic Love, www.Fb.com/Vityalove




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