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As presumptuous as it may sound, women’s health is quite literally the most important topic of our modern age.

As a man writing this, you might be wondering why would I make such a bold claim.

At its core the answer is really quite simple: the Woman is the Matriarch.

The term matriarch comes from the latin ‘mater’ meaning mother.

And it is the mother* who is at the root of all the health, wellness and longevity on our planet.

Let us delve into the reasons why this marvelous maternal member of our family is so cornerstone.

Hopefully, we can use this way of viewing the sacred feminine to begin the journey of forever supporting the optimal health of every woman on the planet.  

Before we begin, I will state that the health of the masculine is of absolute importance as well.

Healthy women deserve and need healthy men in this world.

There is no question about this.

If a woman is experiencing the unfortunate side effects of an unhealthy man, side effects like abuse or neglect for instance, then her life will in some way suffer because of it.

On the other hand, when a man comes to a relationship fully healthy, happy and empowered so many wonderfully beautiful experiences can result.

So clearly healthy men are very important.

It may seem like a ‘chicken or the egg’ comparison but as you’ll soon see it is not.

Without the strong, empowered and healthy woman, the man would be amiss before even coming into our world. 


Happy Pregnant Woman

Which brings us to the first, and most immediately apparent, reason: the act of creating a child in utero.

the act of creating a child in utero.

The process of fetal development, for better or worse, is completely dependent upon the health of the woman.

Everyone in our world today has a woman to thank for the body they live through. 

A healthy child is the diamond in every woman's heart, the crown jewel of her incredible incubation and self-sacrifice during the tenure of her pregnancy.

Celebrating a new and healthy life coming into our world is one of the most cherished moments any woman ever has the pleasure of experiencing. 

However, the challenges of growing an infant that arise when a woman is unhealthy are manifold.

And in today’s complex world it is vitally important to become hyper-vigilant in our approach to healthy living or our children face the potentially devastating circumstances of an unhealthy introduction to our world.

So many things can occur to the unborn fetus, many of which we see all the time.

In the world today, we witness everything from slight deficiencies in the various nutritional requirements needed to grow an infant to the untimely death and miscarriage of the fetus.

These problems are often completely avoidable.

Being at peak health is the best way to avoid these unfortunate and debilitating circumstances related to an unhealthy childbearing woman.

It is through the caring and nurturing of women’s health that we can help to bring the healthiest and strongest infants into our world.


Woman and Child Outdoors

The second reason, and perhaps most important, is the nurture of the infant, child and even adult.

This nurture is a full spectrum campaign that covers the whole gamut of the infant's needs.

The breast milk that nourishes the physical body, the love that nourishes the emotional body, the intelligence that nourishes the young developing mind, and the spirit that connects the young infant to the community of our planet are all part of the upbringing of a healthy child.

This is a child that will one day be part of the ever-growing community of people on our planet and will be uniquely responsible for his or her contribution to co-creating Heaven on Earth.

This is not to be confused with a religious connotation.

It is simply referring to the deepest wish of every heart on the planet, whether we realize it or not, that we all find our respective place within the dreams we hold dear and true.

We are all responsible for contributing our fair share within this co-creation and having a healthy upbringing from a healthy mother is one of surest ways to set off on the journey of lifelong interdependent success. 

This is where everything becomes very important.

If the mother is unhealthy, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, she may pass on many of these traits to the young and developing child.

Many of the most common problems we face in our world are almost entirely related to attitudes and world views we encountered in the early years in our lives.

For better or worse, these attitudes become creed and we live through them, often unquestionably, throughout the entire tenure of our lives.

As a global culture, making sure that we take every opportunity we can to ensure our women are treated with the highest respect and adoration we are capable of is the first step in global health.

Without the healthy woman, we are forever at a loss when it comes to creating healthy, happy and empowered populations around the world. 

This covers both nature and nurture.

The woman is responsible for both of these aspects for the vast majority of early development from fertilization through to childhood, and often beyond into adulthood.

Ideally, the mother figure would be revered and respected as the matriarch throughout the tenure of the entire lifespan of her child.

Her wisdom and love can be a powerful support through many of life’s twists and turns and holding her in this regard is simply the act of returning the favor she gave us.

We then have an opportunity to nurture her.

We can be her lifelong friend and cherished confidant for all manner of things in this life, just as she has been to us. 


Woman Walking in the Park

The third and most personal reason is that every woman on the planet simply deserves to be healthy and happy throughout this life.

This may not at first seem as imperative as the previous two reasons, but it may just be the most important of all.

Imagine for a moment that every woman in the world is fully happy, healthy and empowered.

This means that every daughter, girl, girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, cousin, mother-in-law, god-mother, etc., are all living up to their highest potential.

It is truly astonishing to think about what would happen in just one generation of healthy and empowered women on this planet.

Imagine every woman treating herself and others with the depth of character we only now associate with the rare figureheads we see representing women today.

A planet full of truly empowered, wise and charismatic women would be capable of changing the world in ways that would make our vision of heaven pale by comparison. 


This is what brings us to another important question.

How can we make a shift into being as healthful as we possibly can?

The body is an incredible thing and it responds to everything we do to nurture it or destroy it.

Getting to the root of our health challenges can be quite daunting.

It's when we look at the whole picture that things can become a bit more clear.

I have found that when focusing on hormone health we can actually encompass nearly the entire gamut of potential health concerns.

The reason is that hormone health is very delicate and when used as a baseline model we can greatly improve every single area of our health and wellness very quickly. 

Men and women alike, taking care of hormone health is a great baseline because it makes us look into every area of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives.

Just small tweaks to certain ways we act, eat, think, move, speak, and even breathe can have huge shifts in the way our body interacts with itself.

These shifts can be incredibly profound resulting in lifelong barriers to health and wellness being removed in what seems like only a moment of effort. 

Are you suffering from low sex drive, embarrassing odors, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, inflammation, memory loss, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, isolation, unusual pain, heavy cramping and menstruation, headaches, obesity, skin conditions, sleep problems or low energy?

Well, if so, it’s very likely you are already in the midst of hormone challenges. 

Let’s get to the root of hormone challenges once and for all.

Every woman deserves to experience the full power of her birthright.

It’s time to finally feel like the sexy, happy and healthy woman you are meant to experience. 

This is the reason why we have dedicated our resources to creating a brand new handbook to help navigate the challenging territory we all face when dealing with women's hormone health. 

Here's to your highest health and best self.



*There are many people in the world who are not living a ‘traditional’ male-female partnership. There are many same-sex couples and single parents that are raising children. The term ‘mother’ in this case needs to be broadened to include the health of parent(s) responsible for nurturing and raising the child. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health of the parent(s) is thus required to ensure the developing infant/child is given the best chance at a successful and healthful upbringing. This article will continue to address the health of the woman. After all, regardless of the post-birth circumstances, the woman is still responsible for bearing and birthing the children of our world. 

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